What Is A Targeted Individual?

The Targeted Individual program is a direct result of the MK Ultra program from the 1950’s.  It involves the 24/7 surveillance of victims by government officials.  On a daily basis the victims are harassed in a fashion in which only the victim can know what it being done to him/her.  The program also involves the hiring of civilians by government to constantly follow people wherever they go, and because the individuals are being watched on a 24/7 basis, these perpetrators learn everything about the victim and uses personal information against the victims.

It gets worse.  As the target is isolated further, then electronic weapons are used against the target to slow down the physical and mental abilities of the victim.  To cover up for the atrocities that the perpetrators “Perps”, the targets often have to battle false rumors made by perps, and known enemies of the targets.  These rumors damage the person’s reputation, and combined with the organized gangstalking and electronic harassment, makes the victim appears as if he is crazy, or if he is reaping what he sow because he is made to look criminal.