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Official Strike Out Targeting 2018 Press Release

For Immediate Release
August 28, 2018
Press Release

On Wednesday, August 29, baseball games in Atlanta, Philadelphia, Kansas City, New York, and St. Louis will host the kick-off events for “Strike Out Targeting 2018,” a project of Strike Out Targeting, the National Awareness Campaign Against Surveillance Abuse and Electronic Harassment at Sporting Events, a division of SASN (Surveillance Abuse Survivors Network).

Representatives and volunteers from SASN will be, in a peaceful manner, handing out flyers at these baseball games this coming Wednesday in an effort to promote awareness of the abuses of surveillance taking place across the United States. 

“There is nothing more American than the enjoying of sporting events,” declares one of the flyers. It then goes on to state that “Nothing is more UnAmerican than the surveillance abuses that constantly plague each and every citizen since 9/11.”

The flyers are informational and ask the reader questions which intend to prompt thought, reflection as well as further investigation on the part of the recipient. The flyers also contain facts and details about a variety of surveillance programs as well as information about the abuse of these programs widely reported by “surveillance abuse survivors”, whom the government calls “targeted individuals.”

The representatives from SASN will be easily distinguished by the Strike Out Targeting t-shirts they will be sporting.

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