Strike Out Targeting Presents: Sack Surveillance Abuse

Strike Out Targeting Presents: Sack Surveillance Abuse, the awareness campaign at football arenas.  We are looking for Organizers for all NFL Markets so we can spread awareness at the home games of all ballparks.  On Week 17, December 30, all home games will be covered.

So far we have already locked up:

Week 11 – Nov. 18: Pittsburgh at Jacksonville 8:20 Game Time

We are in the progress of securing events at Atlanta, New Orleans, Nashville (Tennessee Titans), and Philadelphia.  There will be games during the year at all ballparks.  Stadiums like MetLife Stadium, which hosts the Giants and Jets, will have one game for both teams during the year, and Week 17 will have the Cowboys at Giants.  Interested parties, please contact Brian Marks at (716) 537-6276, or Reginald Dawson at (904) 405-2490.

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