Sheriff’s Failed Attempt to Accuse Civil Rights Group of Chemical Attack Has Ripple Effect

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In the wake of allegations, subsequently disproven and retracted, by the Harris County Sheriff’s Department in Texas that a flyer created by a surveillance abuse advocacy group was laced with the opioid fentanyl, another group has scaled back its efforts to flyer at major baseball games in August.

The initial accusations from the HCSD that a flyer from the advocacy group, Targeted Justice, was laced with the opioid and caused a deputy who had touched the flyer to be hospitalized were withdrawn in a couple of days. According to the HCSD, initial field tests were run on the flyer handled by the deputy which tested positive for fentanyl. However, further tests on more flyers, which had been placed on cars in front of the Sheriff’s station, came back negative and tests on the hospitalized deputy also proved negative for the opioid.

Local media had already picked up the story and were reporting the initial field test as fact rather than allegation. The initial hysteria around the incident provoked at least one commentator to suggest that this was an act of terrorism. In a widely circulated video, a conservative commentator, John Cardillo, linked Targeted Justice to terrorism and proceeded to baldly contradict some of the core concerns of the group. According to Cardillo, the “Deep State,” which the flyer suggested had involved itself in tracking and electronic weapons attacks on civilians, is comprised of nothing more than a bunch of lazy bureaucrats who make you wait at a social security office.

The incident has also affected the efforts of another group concerned with electronic tracking and abuse. “Strike Out Targeting” is in the planning stages for a flyering event at baseball games across the US.

“Strike Out Targeting” is the brainchild of Brian Marks and Reginald Dawson. Marks, who formerly worked at investment banking firms in New York, heads up the news site and podcasts, The T.I. Chronicles and Sunday Night Activism, as well as Surveillance Abuse Survivors Network (SASN), which is scheduled to launch online on August 29. Dawson is a retired pharmacist.

Marks describes the baseball game flyering project thus

Strike Out Targeting is a program to raise awareness that the intelligence community has committed covert crimes against all Americans…..We believe that informing the public about these daily abuses will empower them to speak up against this….The more people understand how their civil liberties are violated on a daily basis, the more people will join us in exposing this UnAmerican program.

Baseball is still the number one American sport. Surveillance abuse and targeting are thoroughly UnAmerican.

Marks states that surveillance abuse takes many forms and now far exceeds concerns about wiretaps and facial recognition. Says Marks, “Many victims have had their lives destroyed by the abuse of law enforcement and the intelligence community using the technologies in a fashion that invades the privacy of individuals and their families and friends.

Often people are subjected to illegal tactics such as gaslighting, gangstalking, home invasions, street theater, directed energy attacks and food poisoning in an orchestrated manner. Rumors of individuals targeted affect the quality of the life of those who suffer under this surveillance abuse.

Marks states that, ”Our purpose in going to the ballparks is to bring to the forefront this issue in a peaceful, civil and legal fashion.”

However, the fallout surrounding the falsely reported fentanyl attack on the Harris County Deputy forced Marks and his group to reconsider the breadth of their plans for August 29. Initially, flyering at fourteen ball games across the US was planned. SASN is now considering reducing the number of games at which their group will be present.

“The situation that happened in Texas,” says Marks, “based on the information that was reported, was completely fabricated from the very beginning and was an overall failed attempt to destroy the reputation of Targeted Justice. Even so, this was an attempt to alert the deep state into using law enforcement to stifle our efforts to reach the average American citizen, and there will be people in Texas who may not want to read a flyer because of this situation.”

Currently, Strike Out Targeting 2018 is still planning to attend the Atlanta ball game with flyers on August 29 and is in the process of reevaluating its presence at the other thirteen games.

The Harris County Sheriff’s Department was contacted with questions as to how fentanyl was detected in the first place. Obviously, law enforcement would have access to the opioid in their evidence room. At the time of going to press, the Department has not responded.

For more information on Strike Out Targeting you may contact the group through its website, Strike Out Targeting ( or by e-mail

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