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The Origins of the Strike Out Targeting Campaign

The concept of Strike Out Targeting began on the night of the February 27th exposure of Michael Hayden up in the University of North Florida and started to truly take form after the James Clapper event up in Roanoke, Virginia.

Originally the concept was to gather surveillance abuse survivors from across the country to one spot to bring awareness to this heinous program, but then for 2018, we decided to do something different, we heard about August 29th being a special day for Targeted Individuals, and we had already had in the works “The Empowered Dream” with Ani Kaspar, in which we were also planning on having a worldwide exposure in every time zone across the world, and having protests at all the state capitals simultaneously once it hit noon on the west coast, something that we will do in 2019.  We had heard a little about T-Day, which Lewis Rowe of TI-USA was working on as well.

After much deliberation, my team and I, decided to move “The Empowered Dream” to early 2019, and Strike Out Targeting 2018 to August 29th.  Strike Out Targeting 2018 had become the national exposure of the surveillance abuse programs across all fourteen baseball venues that were having games on August 29th.

Day Games:

Oakland Athletics at Houston Astros

Detroit Tigers at Kansas City Royals

New York Mets at Chicago Cubs

Seattle Mariners at San Diego Padres

Night Games:

Tampa Bay Devil Rays at Atlanta Braves 

Toronto Blue Jays at Baltimore Orioles 

Miami Marlins at Boston Red Sox

Minnesota Twins at Cleveland Indians

Milwaukee Brewers at Cincinnati Reds

Chicago White Sox at New York Yankees

Washington Nationals at Philadelphia Phillies

Pittsburgh Pirates at St. Louis Cardinals

Arizona Diamondbacks at San Francisco Giants

Los Angeles Dodgers at Texas Rangers.

Strike Out Targeting will continue in the future, and will expand to other types of sporting events as the corporate branding for awareness campaigns at sporting events.   In addition, we will have Strike Out Targeting Events throughout the baseball seasons in the future and Strike Out Targeting 2019 will be at the All Star Game in 2019 at Progressive Field in Cleveland.  We can not always commit to August 29th as the day of the week changes each year, and on some years it will fall on a Friday evening or Saturday afternoon, and we can not ever promote, or work on anything that falls on those time periods during the week.  All of our events will occur between Sunday and Thursday.

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