Sack Surveillance Abuse

Sack Surveillance Abuse is the football themed brand of Strike Out Targeting.  During the football season, we will cover all markets in which we have an organizer.  Our goal is to eventually have organizers in all football markets.  Those who are interested in becoming an organizer or participant can contact us here.  Those who are interested in participating in the event can call our Awareness Campaign calls.  The official Sack Surveillance Abuse T-shirt can be purchased here.

Our National Day every year will be on the last Sunday (Week 17) of the NFL Regular Season.  The 2019 NFL Regular Season Schedule is listed here.  If we have organizers in playoff markets, we will schedule events on the Sunday games of the playoffs.  We will also cover the Super Bowl every year. 

In 2021 the event will be held in Tampa, followed by Los Angeles (2022), Glendale, Arizona (2023), and New Orleans (2024). 

Upcoming Events

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