To Become A Regional Organizer

About Our Events.

We are looking for organizers in all sporting markets in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Japan for events in the future.  Once we have a team in all sporting markets, we can then also mobilize surveillance abuse survivors for all types of events (sporting and non-sporting).  Our people have been involved in events such as:

  • Public lectures
  • Baseball events
  • Socials

We plan to be at events such as:

  • Political Rallies
  • Worship Services
  • Football / Basketball Events
  • Conventions

We always have our events from Sundays – Thursdays.  We do not hold events on Fridays or Saturdays for religious reasons.  On sporting events, our people come with a unified look, wearing the appropriate shirts (or sweatshirts) for the events.  On non-sporting events, we have our people wearing our #UnAmerican t-shirts to the events.  On certain events, usually when we are going to political rallies, lecture events, and churches, we require people to wear a corporate dress code.  Below are images of the merchandise we require people who are going to our events to buy.

Universal Shirt


(Strike Out Targeting)

(Sack Surveillance Abuse)

(Slam Dunk Targeting)

Front of Shirt


We are looking for regional organizers to help us organize events.  Below is what we are looking for in a regional organizer.

Regional Managers Will Do The Following:

1) Obtaining permits for events. Strike Out Targeting recommends at events that you are across the street from the actual stadium.  You are responsible for contacting your local city hall or police department to find out about flyering on stadium grounds.  Also you should call the stadium where the event will be held as well.

2) Screening potential attendees and maintaining good communications with potential attendees. We have reached a level of credibility that they will use all means to try to stop our outreach, including the usage of false flags, and provocateurs (built in our community already as perps).

3) Look up NFL, MLB, and NBA schedules for potential games for people to go to.  Organizers will need to set up enough time for people to get the t-shirts / sweatshirts necessary for Strike Out Targeting events (MLB / Umbrella Name: Strike Out Targeting, NFL Version – Sack Surveillance Abuse, NBA – Slam Dunk Targeting).  Strike Out Targeting T-shirts/Sweatshirts or #UnAmerican (American political or music events) / #Un-British (political or music events in the UK) gear are the only approved shirts that can be worn at Strike Out Targeting events.  Recruitment for most events will end two weeks before the event.

4) Keeping in constant communication with international organizers: Brian Marks, Susan Wells, Gina Risner, or Reginald Dawson.

5) Contacting local mainstream media outlets about the event.

6) Passing out Strike Out Targeting flyers at events.

Sporting events will be branded under Strike Out Targeting, Sack Surveillance Abuse, Slam Dunk Targeting, and Puck Electronic Harassment.

Non sporting events will be branded differently.

To get in contact with us, click here, and enter in your information.  To check the sporting markets in which we will do games, click here.